Crosman Air Gun Shooting Program

For Air Rifle and Air Pistol

Who can participate?

This program is for all airgun shooting enthusiasts. You can shoot on any range with at least a 10 meter distance for shooting. Just make sure it's a safe location where you can put up a Crosman Air Gun Shooting Program target. Interested groups should contact their local SFC club and/or members for technical support.

How does the program work?

It's always more fun to compete with friends!

  • Elect one member of your group/club as Secretary.
  • The Club Secretary fills in the Registration and Order Form for the Crosman Air Gun Shooting Program, and sends it along with a cheque or money order for $6 per person annually, payable to "Shooting Federation of Canada."
  • After receiving the completed registration and order form and fee, a participation certificate is returned to your Club, along with order forms for manuals, targets and crests. Instruction Manuals, official targets and crests for the program are all available from the SFC.
  • Shoot safely and have fun! Be sure to follow the Crosman program rules and regulations.
  • Have your secretary return the completed order forms for crests to the SFC. Your crests will be sent out within three weeks.

Rules and regulations

  1. You can only use official Crosman Air Gun Shooting Program targets.
  2. You can start at any level, but you can only win awards in order. There is no time limit for completing a set of targets. You can save targets with a higher score than the level you're working on for a higher award later.
  3. You don't have to shoot the targets at the same time, and you can use both practice and match scores. Targets must be properly witnessed by two (2) members of the Club.
  4. Ten shots are fired on each target. If you fire more than ten (10) shots on a target, only the ten lowest scoring shots are counted and you lose two points for each shot over the ten shot limit.
  5. Club secretaries are responsible for collecting and counting the targets and recording the score and crests on order forms. This means you don't have to mail in your targets. Mail all order forms with a cheque or money order for the crests to:
        Crosman Air Gun Shooting Program
        c/o Shooting Federation of Canada
        45 Shirley Blvd.,
        Nepean, Ontario, K2K 2W6
  6. Scoring: All shots are scored by giving them the value of the highest scoring ring they touch. If any part of the line between two rings is touched, that shot receives the higher value. It's okay to use any official .177 air rifle or air pistol gauge to score doubtful shots.
  7. Equipment: Only .177 calibre rifles or pistols that comply with ISSF Regulations are allowed. The rifle should permit single loading and the trigger pull must be at least 1 kilogram. Only iron sights are allowed, i.e., open or peep sights (telescopic or other optical sights are forbidden).
  8. "Wad Cutter" type pellets can be used to better define the shots on the target.
  9. The distance between the shooter and the target must be 10 meters (33 feet).

This qualification does not provide an official SFC classification. The SFC official classification can only be earned only at registered competitions.

Crosman Registration & Order Form - Introductory
Crosman Registration & Order Form - Advanced