Selection Criteria

National Pistol Coach Announcement

September 8 2017


The High Performance Committee is pleased to announce that Lisa Borgerson has accepted the position of National Pistol Coach.

 Lisa is an ISSF B Coach, has her Advanced Coaching Diploma and is an ISSF D Course Tutor.  She was a coach with our Junior Pistol Program, has been both an Assistant and Head Coach at the Universiade Games and at ISSF Junior World Cups.

Lisa brings a great deal of experience to her new role and I am confident she will be a positive force for our High Performance Athletes and a valuable member of the High Performance Committee. 

Please give her a warm welcome.

Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance (Interim)

CSARS Rankings for Commonwealth Games Participation

11 August 2017

Good Day Athletes and Coaches,

Attached please find the Canadian Shooting Athlete Ranking System (CSARS) ranking based on the results of the Commonwealth Trials held at the 2017 National Championships.  All listed athletes have until October 31, 2017 to achieve a travel score if they have not already done so. 

The two athletes at the top of the list who have shot a travel score for 2018 will be contacted after November 1st to see if they are interested in attending the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games - on a funded basis if the athlete was one of the 8 listed previously who achieved the top 5 of Commonwealth countries ranking, or on a self-funded basis if the athlete did not achieve the ranking.

All of the athlete names on the attached CSARS ranking who have attained a travel score for 2018 will be forwarded to Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) as “long list” participants.  These athletes will be contacted by CGC and asked to go through the process of filing paperwork as if you may be attending the Games.  Please make every effort to get this done as there may be an opportunity for a last minute quota spot closer to the Games.

Finally, Commonwealth Games is a wonderful opportunity, but I would caution athletes who are considering attending that next year will be a huge year of World and CAT Championships Trials.  Your focus should be on training and competing for the CAT Championships Team as CAT not only gives Canada quota spots for the Pan Am Games, but also provides a great opportunity to win Olympic quota spots for 2020 in Tokyo. 

Thank you.

Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance (Interim)


Announcement - 2018 Commonwealth Games Internal Team Nomination Procedures (INP)

 Good Afternoon,

 The High Performance Committee requested clarification from Commonwealth Games Canada regarding the selection process and the effect and limitation it had on our potential team nominations.  I am pleased to announce that the two (2) quota spots available to SFC High Performance Athletes will be open to ALL athletes participating at the 2017 National Championships in Cookstown Ontario who fulfill the “Appendix A, Commonwealth Games 2018 - Internal Team Nomination Procedures (INP)” of the SFC Major Games Selection Criteria 2017 – 2020 posted to the following link: 2018 Commonwealth Games Appendix A

 Thank you.

 Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance (Interim)


Dear Athletes, Coaches and Officials,

We are pleased to announce that scores shot at the 2017 National Championships being held in each discipline at the Pan Am Games Legacy facility at Cookstown ON from July 24th to August 6, will be used in part for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games athlete selections.  The Games will contain all 15 disciplines that were conducted at the 2016 Olympics as well as two non-Olympic disciplines for women and the Queens Plate for Fullbore Rifle. 

There have been several queries regarding SFC athlete presence at these Games. We have begun negotiating with the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada for our quota spots. These negotiations are complicated and lengthy, so we ask for a little patience.  As soon as we have any definitive information, we will complete and post the criteria for the Games.  As of now, we have been presented with a limited number of quotas. Which disciplines the final number of quota spots are being allocated to has not been solidified.

Thank you

Lisa Deneka

Interim Chair,

High Performance Committee

JULY 7 - Announcement - 2018 Commonwealth Games and World Championships

July 12, 2017 – CORRECTION 2018 World Championships Trials

To All High-Performance Program Athletes,

To abide by the 2017 Athlete Agreement, the trials for the 2018 World Championships WILL NOT be held at the 2017 National Championships.  More information regarding the where/when etc. will be sent out once all details are finalized.

 Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance (Interim)


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