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Audrey-Anne Déry

Hometown/Current City: Quebec City, QC

Home Range: Club de tir les Castors de Charlesbourg

Disciplines: 10m Air Rifle

Major Games Attended: CAT Games, World Cups

Website & Social Media: www.aadery.com, Facebook (aadery10.9), Instagram (aadery)



ISSF World Cups

(402.6) 121st - 10m Air Rifle - 2016 Munich

(399.7) 99th - 10m Air Rifle - 2014 Maribor

(402.1) 127th - 10m Air Rifle - 2014 Munich

(383) 94th - 10m Air Rifle - 2012 Milan

Championship of the Americas (CAT Games)

(398.6) 30th - 10m Air Rifle - 2014 Guadalajara


Canada Winter Games

Silver - Air Rifle Team - 2011 Halifax

7th - Air Rifle Individuals - 2011 Halifax

Rapid fire questions:

How did you first get in to the sport of shooting?

I started competitive shooting at the age of 12 through the Canadian Cadet Program. The day I joined this youth program was a turning point in my life. There I discovered that by setting goals, having a plan, and working hard life takes on its full meaning and every day is a new opportunity to improve.

It was also at this time that I learned about competitive shooting. It was love at first sight, the real one. I discovered a sport that combines precision and stability. Who advocates the analysis of our own actions and the control of our emotions. This sport allows you to develop the best of everyone, as athlete and as person.

Since then, competitive shooting has undoubtedly been the essential element in building the person I am today. And it continues to be.

What is your favourite memory as an athlete?
My first memory as an athlete is in 2012, at my last Cadet year where I won the Cadet nationals in Quebec city (my home town) with my Dad as a coach. The day after that championship, I flew for my two first senior World Cups, accomplishing one of my biggest goals at this time: shoot an international event before or at the age of 18. It's been the best month of my life.

What is the best piece of advice you've gotten as an athlete?

Trust the process and go one shot at a time.

Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?
Sure, but you won't be part of that secret!

Do you have any role models in or outside the sport?

Lyne Tremblay - SFC AWAD Athlete

What are your hobbies outside of shooting?

Sports, outdoor activities, motorcycling, and photography

Favourite sport, team, or athlete outside of shooting?

Mathew Fraser - CrossFit Champion

Favourite movie or TV show?
American Sniper (there is not a lot of movies where the actors do their follow though after a shot)

Favourite music artist/genre or pre-shooting pump up song?

I love punk rock music, but also listen to Celine Dion sometimes. Dance Monkey by Tones and I is also a good choice for a shooting match at 3 am (during a 24 hours shooting challenge in Quebec!)

Favourite food?

Is iced coffee considered a food?

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