For Officials

Anyone can become a shooting official. Some start out by assisting at their club or helping while their child/spouse/friend practices or competes. Others have been competitors themselves, and while perhaps due to shortage of time or losing some of the competitive edge, they veer towards occasional attendance and get put to work. This happens in all disciplines - rifle, pistol, shotgun, etc. - but be careful, whatever the reason for starting to officiate, it can become addictive!

Official certification begins at the club level; this is usually obtained in an informal way by doing what needs to be done at your own and/or nearby clubs. If you decide you would like to learn more you are ready to move up to the provincial level.

Each province deals with this in their own way, perhaps some more formally than others. Some of the provincial bodies appoint a coordinator to keep track of who has training, who they can call on to help out at matches and in some cases to assist in the training.

If a person would like to advance to the national level, special training is required. Each discipline handles this differently. In rifle, if a person wants more training that isn’t easily available within their province, we invite them to attend the National Smallbore Rifle Championships, where I provide instruction at the club, provincial or national level. A National Officials Committee also has representatives for each of the major disciplines. You may wish to contact them for more information through the SFC for more information.

Provincial or national championships and regional or country-wide games all need officials. Some need to be well-trained but a large number of willing officials with even limited exposure to formal lessons are the backbone of every successful competition. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll send you some information and hopefully put you to work!

Pauline Pilkington
Chair, National Officials Committee