High Performance Program

Important Files:

2019/20 ANNEX B QSDR forms

Non HP QSDR Forms
Formulaires de désignation et de déclaration des pointages de qualification

Opening Statement
déclaration d'ouverture

2021 HPP Athlete Selection Criteria
Critères du programme de haute performance de 2021

2020 Athlete Agreement

Antidoping Agreement
Contrat de l'athlète - Programme canadien antidopage

Junior Addendum
Annex pour l'équipe Junior

Athlete Code of Conduct
Code de conduite de l'athlète

Medical Consent
Formulaire de consentement aux soins médicaux

Social Media Policy
Politique sur les médias sociaux

SFC YTP Minimum Requirements?
Programme de haute performance exigences minimales

High Performance Stretch with Tanis Thiessen

2017 - 2020 SFC Athlete Selection Criteria ~ Major Games (October 2019)
Critères de sélection des athlètes - Compétitions majeures

2020 NAST Athlete Selection Criteria
Équipe nationale de tir adapté (ENTA) - Critères de sélection des athlètes 2020 vF

2019 AAP Carding Announcement
Annonce concernant l'octroi des brevets du PAA pour 2019

Conditions for the Selection of 2020 Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) Carded Athletes
Conditions pour la sélection des athlètes brevetés du PAA de 2020 vF
Sample yearly training plan
High Performance Section Updates

Building an NCCP Yearly Training Plan

Hello Everyone,

The High Performance Committee is pleased to present an Adobe Connect presentation by Greg Sych on how to build your NCCP training plan. Moving forward, training plans will be an integral part of the High Performance Program. The Athlete Agreement that all High Performance Team members sign requires the submission of a training plan. The problem that many face is the lack of knowledge on how to complete a proper training plan.

The idea of this presentation is for Athletes to have available to them a source of information that they can access while building their plans. Each training plan submitted will be forwarded to the National Team Coach in their respective discipline and must be signed off by the coach before any allocations of World Cups or eligibility to compete for major games quota spots is allowed. This requirement has been part of the Athlete Agreement for quite a number of years, however, it has never before been enforced. As such, we are extending the time limit on submitting the COMPLETED training plan to January 15th, 2018. This will give each athlete plenty of time to work either independently or with the National Team Coach to assemble a working training plan. One thing that is important to remember is that training plans are living documents. What you submit is not written in stone. It is a guide to achieving success in the coming year. Changes to the document will be required throughout the year and these can be made with the help of your National Team Coaches. One never knows what the future will bring but like everything else we want to succeed in within our lives, always requires a plan.

Below is the link to the presentation on How to Build an NCCP training plan:

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Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance


Yearly Training Plan for SFC Athletes- Template