Report from ISSF General Assembly

Below is the report from Shari Akow, VP Provincial/Territorial:
  The outcome of the meetings in Munich are being reported as a general positive with the result of a new ISSF Constitution voted in on Saturday, December 7, 2019. SFC members will be pleased to know that Canada’s input had a significant impact on this final draft as we were 1 of 13 countries to comment on the first draft and many of our comments were included in the final draft. There were also many changes that took place during meetings in Munich before the final vote. Although the document is not everything we had ultimately hoped for, it is a viable constitution that we feel we can work with to take us into the future as it ensures better representation to all. It has been demonstrated here that the ISSF is beginning to make a conscious effort to some degree to start to head in the proper direction to be more inclusive of its membership and their comments and opinions and we hope that this continues. You will be pleased to know that Sandra Honour also took an active part in the voting process by acting as a scrutineer. Be assured that Canada definitely has been globally heard!

And now we start other work as it’s become very clear from many talks amongst our CAT member federations that our continental section is very broken in it’s communication and connectivity which the foundation has been laid here in Munich to start to rectify these issues. Due to the outcome of the new ISSF Constitution, the CAT constitution will also have to be revamped as we now have the opportunity to send 4 members to represent us in the ISSF - 1 to Executive and 2 to Council (to which gender representation must also be included) and 1 to sit on the Athletes Committee.

The absolute highlight of these meetings was the first ever Golden Target Awards celebrating the accomplishments of 12 athletes this year at a gala honouring them which was also televised on ISSF live streaming. It was refreshing to acknowledge our athletes rather than executive members for a change.

The new ISSF constitution can be found here