Board of Directors

Except where noted, the members of the Board of Directors and the various committees are all volunteers. They have made a conscious decision to support the growth and development of all the shooting sports in Canada.

Contact the National Office to contact any of these individuals.

Executive Committee

Sandra Honour - President                                      

David Scola - V/P Administration                              

Melissa Deneka - V/P High Performance

Pat Boulay - V/P Domestic and Operations

Guillaume Pare - V/P Rifle Section

Lori Kranenburg - V/P Pistol Section

Susan Nattrass - V/P Shotgun Section

Shari Akow - V/P Provincial/Territorial

 Al Harding - V/P Provincial/Territorial

Mark Hynes - Athletes Representative                   

Board of Directors, Section Chairs

Lori Kranenburg - Pistol

Guillaume Pare - Rifle

Susan Nattrass - Shotgun

Board Members at Large

Gale Stewart - 2020

Sandra Honour - 2019

Pat Boulay - 2019

David Scola - 2020

Lisa Deneka - 2020

Provincial & Territorial Appointees

Newfoundland & Labrador - Dave Taylor

Prince Edward Island - Vacant

Nova Scotia - Vacant

New Brunswick - Vacant

Québec - Kamil Abou-Asaleh

Ontario - Shari Akow

Manitoba - David Mosscrop

Saskatchewan - Elton Dutka

Alberta - Karl Schulze

British Columbia - Al Harding

Northwest Territories - Vacant

Yukon - Vacant


Committee Chairpersons/Liaison to Executive Committee

Coaching Committee - Chantel Spicer and Pat Boulay

National Officials Development Committee - Dale Caswell (Chair & Trap), Steven Spinney (Rifle), Vacant (Skeet), Harvey Lavigne (Pistol), Shari Akow

Commonwealth Games - Susan Verdier

Awards & Merits - Susan Nattrass

Canadian Olympic Committee Designates - Susan Verdier

High Performance Committee - Melissa Deneka (Chair, Vice President High Performance), Florin Marinache (Trap), Don Kwasnycia (Skeet), Gale Stewart (NAST/AWAD), Lisa Borgerson (Pistol), Dave Woolridge (Rifle), Mark Hynes (Athlete Rep), Sharon Bowes (Alt. Athlete Rep), Susan Verdier (Technical Director)