Board of Directors

Except where noted, the members of the Board of Directors and the various committees are all volunteers. They have made a conscious decision to support the growth and development of all the shooting sports in Canada.

Contact the National Office to contact any of these individuals.

Executive Committee

Sandra Honour - President                                      

David Scola - V/P Administration                              

Melissa Deneka - V/P High Performance

Pat Boulay - V/P Domestic and Operations

Guillaume Pare - V/P Rifle Section

Lori Kranenburg - V/P Pistol Section

Susan Nattrass - V/P Shotgun Section

Shari Akow - V/P Provincial/Territorial

 Al Harding - V/P Provincial/Territorial

Mark Hynes - Athletes Representative                   

Board of Directors, Section Chairs

Lori Kranenburg - Pistol

Guillaume Pare - Rifle

Susan Nattrass - Shotgun

Board Members at Large

Gale Stewart - 2020

Sandra Honour - 2019

Pat Boulay - 2019

David Scola - 2020

Lisa Deneka - 2020

Provincial & Territorial Appointees

Newfoundland & Labrador - Dave Taylor

Prince Edward Island - Vacant

Nova Scotia - Vacant

New Brunswick - Vacant

Québec - Kamil Abou-Asaleh

Ontario - Shari Akow

Manitoba - David Mosscrop

Saskatchewan - Elton Dutka

Alberta - Karl Schulze

British Columbia - Al Harding

Northwest Territories - Vacant

Yukon - Vacant


Committee Chairpersons/Liaison to Executive Committee

Coaching Committee - Chantel Spicer and Pat Boulay

National Officials Development Committee - Dale Caswell (Chair & Trap), Steven Spinney (Rifle), Vacant (Skeet), Harvey Lavigne (Pistol), Shari Akow

Commonwealth Games - Susan Verdier

Awards & Merits - Susan Nattrass

Canadian Olympic Committee Designates - Susan Verdier

High Performance Committee - Melissa Deneka (Chair), Florin Marinache (Trap), Don Kwasnycia (Skeet), Gale Stewart (NAST), Lisa Borgerson (Pistol), Darryl Craig (Rifle), Mark Hynes (Athlete Rep), Sharon Bowes (Alt. Athlete Rep), Dave Woolridge (Junior), Susan Verdier (Technical Director)