Recreational Target Shooting Program

SFC Recreational Target Shooting Program
The Shooting Federation of Canada has been trying to better understand and meet the needs of our membership. A recent review of our Recreational Target Shooting program revealed that we could be doing a better job at promoting and managing the program.

Our main focus for this program is to lead into our future domestic programming and to get people involved. We offer a lot of information and content to our membership about our high performance program, and very little about what the SFC is doing, our plans domestically and how we want to build relationships with PSO’s and clubs.

Many clubs and/or PSO’s have been hit hard by the loss of shooting in the Canada Winter Games. Subsequently, provinces like British Columbia have also lost their spot in the BC Games. We all know this issue is widespread and is directly related to the loss of funding for provincial shooting programs.

We want to begin building better relationships with the provinces and working together to create strong, fundamental programs for grassroots all the way through to high performance. In a perfect world, and similar to what was during our Canada Games eras, we could depend on a more bottom-up approach and put more responsibility on the provinces and clubs to create their own programming and to filter their athletes through to our high performance program. Going forward, I believe a more top-down approach, with programming and support from the SFC, will help the future of shooting sports in Canada to flourish.

The biggest change will be the combination of smallbore and airgun disciplines into the program. The former Crosman badge program was a success (I still have my badges), however entered the same fate of the RTS Program with lack of promotion and management. My plan is to provide an even more in depth report to include marketing and document examples for everyone at the Face to Face in January.

I am excited about the program and what it means to our sport. I believe that just opening the dialogue has been such an important step and the feedback is supportive of that.

Yours in sport,

Connor Deneka-Burns
Program Coordinator
Shooting Federation of Canada