Safe Sport

Safe Sport Overview

As the National Sport Organization for shooting in Canada, the SFC is committed to promoting a safe sport environment for everyone to participate in. Whether you're an athlete, coach, official, or volunteer the SFC believes you have the right to safely enjoy the sport of shooting. Through a variety of initiatives the SFC has developed resources to address concussions in sport and has undergone processes to make shooting an equitable sport.

Respect in Sport eLearning Module

In collaboration with Respect in Sport Group, the SFC is proud to offer the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders eLearning module to our membership. The focus of this training is on the importance of acting as role models in a sport leadership area, building a positive sport environment, and educating in the areas of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD).

The following training will be eligible for professional development (PD) points that registered coaches are able to use to build towards their coaching certification. If you're interested in collecting PD points from this training please be sure to click "allow" in the section relating to the transfer of data to the NCCP Locker.

SFC Independent Third Party

The SFC has partnered with an Independent Third Party Officer who is prepared to handle conflict resolution and member complaints, contacted directly by:

Dedicated email:

Dedicated Phone Number: 1-833-913-1304?

Canadian Sport Helpline

The Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) has implemented the confidential, toll free, Canadian Sport Helpline for any victims or witnesses of harassment, discrimination, or abuse in sport. The number can be accessed via call or text and will provide you resources, advice and assistance for your situation.

Other Resources

Abuse Free Sport:

Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada:

Coaching Association of Canada: