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Stuart Burns

Hometown/Current City: Kilbride, ON

Home Range: BRRC

Disciplines: 10m Air Pistol, 25m Sport

Major Games Attended: Pan Am Games, CAT Games, Canada Games, World Cups

Year Started Shooting: 2011

Social Media: Instagram (stuartburns13)



Pan Am Games

(568) 10th - 10m Air Pistol - 2019 Lima

ISSF World Cups

(737) 37th - 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team - 2018 Suhl Junior World Cup

(563) 45th - 10m Air Pistol - 2018 Suhl Junior World Cup

Championship of the Americas (CAT Games)

17th - 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team - 2018 Guadalajara

(559) 23rd - 10m Air Pistol - 2018 Guadalajara


Canada Winter Games

Silver - Air Pistol Individual - 2015 Prince George

5th - Air Pistol Team - 2015 Prince George

Rapid fire questions:

How did you first get in to the sport of shooting?

Instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons, I used to do Saturday morning shooting with my dad. He'd drag me out of bed at 8am every weekend...grateful for the now, but probably wasn't than!

What is your favourite memory as an athlete?

It's difficult to pinpoint a singular memory, since I've had so many great experiences. One of the earliest ones was receiving a Silver medal at the Canada Winter Games in 2015. It was my first out-of-province experience for competition and truly one of the defining moments when I realized this would no longer be a casual hobby. The ambiance, teammates and cultural exposure came together to create a pivotal moment in my growth both as an athlete and person.

What is the best piece of advice you've gotten as an athlete?

Training is to train - Zjelko

Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?
I talk. A lot. Well, not just before competitions, but I find it helps me relax and relieve any nerves or tensions. Right before a match I will typically jam out to some tunes and shuffle my favorite deck of cards.

Do you have any role models in or outside the sport?
In shooting, my teammates are the role models, for the sum of their technical qualities, emotional support and wisdom to keep me in check...both in and out of competition.

What are your hobbies outside of shooting?

Studying 95% of the time, dune buggy building and FPS video games the other 5%.

Favourite sport, team, or athlete outside of shooting?
Love a good football game (OSKI WIWI!). BR e-sports too.

Favourite movie or TV show?
Lord of the Rings Trilogy & Scooby-Doo cartoons.

Favourite music artist/genre or pre-shooting pump up song?

Artists: Gunship, and Alison Wonderland

Genre: Find Stuart's favourite genre here

Favourite food?


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