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  • 8 Feb 2023 12:00 PM | Kindbom (Administrator)

    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Governing Board has approved 22 sports for inclusion in the LA28 Paralympic GamesWorld Shooting Para Sport - Shooting Para sport is one of those sports.

    The 22 sports approved for inclusion are governed by the following International Federations:

    1.    Badminton World Federation (BWF) - Para badminton
    2.    Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) - Boccia
    3.    International Blind Sport Federation (IBSA) - Blind football
    4.    International Blind Sport Federation (IBSA) - Goalball
    5.    International Blind Sport Federation (IBSA) - Para judo
    6.    International Canoe Federation (ICF) - Para canoe
    7.    International Equestrian Federation (FEI) - Para equestrian
    8.    International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) - Para table tennis
    9.    International Tennis Federation (ITF) - Wheelchair tennis
    10.    International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) - Wheelchair fencing
    11.    International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) - Wheelchair basketball
    12.    World Archery - Para archery
    13.    World Para Athletics - Para athletics
    14.    World Para Powerlifting - Para powerlifting
    15.    World ParaVolley - Sitting volleyball
    16.    World Para Swimming - Para swimming
    17.    World Rowing Federation (FISA) - Para rowing
    18.    World Shooting Para Sport - Shooting Para sport
    19.    World Taekwondo - Para taekwondo
    20.    World Triathlon - Para triathlon
    21.    World Wheelchair Rugby (WWR) - Wheelchair rugby
    22.    Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) - Para cycling

    In accordance with the IPC Handbook, an Organising Committee of a respective Games may also propose to the IPC one or more additional events in new sports, with consideration for inclusion at the absolute discretion of the IPC Governing Board.

    As part of the International Federation application process, a record 33 Para sports submitted applications to the IPC to be considered for inclusion in the LA28 Paralympic Games. Following the full evaluation, the IPC granted LA28 the opportunity to explore the potential of including Para climbing or Para surfing, sports that have not been featured before at the Paralympic Games. Should LA28 put forward any sports for consideration, a final decision will be taken by the IPC Governing Board by the end of 2023.

    Andrew Parsons, the IPC President, said: "Determining these sports for inclusion to the LA28 Paralympic Games through the International Federation application process was a tremendously difficult job for the IPC Governing Board as we received 33 excellent applications. All International Federations who submitted applications should be congratulated on the quality of their submissions as they underline that all Para sports are getting stronger.

    "The sports we have included in the LA28 Paralympic Games provide a competitive and attractive sport programme that will showcase the diversity of the Paralympic Movement.

    "Under our rules for determining the sport programme, there is an option for a Games Organising Committee to propose one or more sports for inclusion in the Games for the IPC Governing Board to consider. We fully support LA28's interest in the OCOG proposed sport process as this could be a significant contribution to drive greater impact of the LA28 Paralympic Games while controlling cost and complexity and achieving our shared goal of cost neutrality across the LA28 budget."

    Casey Wasserman, LA28's Chairperson, said: "The LA28 Paralympic Games will be an incredible moment for elite adaptive sport against the backdrop of one of the most diverse and inclusive cities on the planet. We're looking forward to bringing a remarkable Paralympic sport programme to life that will create an exceptional Games experience for athletes and fans. LA28 has always been about integrating the creative energy of LA into sport tradition to bring new fans into the Olympic and Paralympic Movement. As we explore potential new sports, we will consider how best to elevate the athlete and fan experience and contribute to the overall success of the Games."

    Following submission of applications by International Federations in July 2022, the IPC assessed each candidate sport in accordance with the IPC Handbook and sought further clarification from applicants where needed. The IPC also worked closely with LA28 to analyse the potential impact of sports on the programme, prioritising an amazing Games experience that is fiscally and environmentally responsible.


    About the IPC

    The IPC acts as the international federation for six Para sports: World Para Athletics, World Para Dance Sport, World Para Ice Hockey, World Para Powerlifting, World Shooting Para Sport and World Para Swimming. The IPC's vision is to make for an inclusive world though Para sport.

  • 7 Feb 2023 12:00 PM | Kindbom (Administrator)

    Jasmine Northcott is appointed new Executive Director

    --- Complete text  version below ---

    The Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) is pleased to announce the hiring of Jasmine Northcott who will be joining the organization as its new Executive Director on March 21, 2023. 

    Jasmine joins us from Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, where she was the Chief Executive Officer since 2015.  With over 20 years of experience in the Canadian sport system, and as Co-Chair of the Summer Sport Caucus, Jasmine brings with her a wealth of experience that will serve her and SFC well in this new leadership position.

    In her role with Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada - a national sport organization that spans five distinct towed water sport disciplines, each with specific needs, objectives, varying levels of support and multiple stakeholders - Jasmine was responsible for cultivating a robust organization that is focused on pursuing high performance excellence; growing the sport; diversifying its finances; nurturing its diverse network of stakeholders; and effectively managing risk.

    Jasmine cares about building positive cultures, developing system integration, and creating stakeholder synergies to maximize resources and opportunities.  “These skills have enabled me to build dynamic organizations, overcome differences, and bring diverse groups together as a change agent, connector, enabler, and ambassador and I look forward to joining the SFC community and contributing to the growth, development and excellence of the Sport” says Jasmine.

    The SFC has made significant strides in the last year to transition to a governance Board and the hiring of the SFC’s first Executive Director is an exciting step in the growth and evolution of the organization.

     “We are very pleased to welcome Jasmine to the team! Jasmine truly appreciates the challenge and opportunity as our new Executive Director as this is an exciting time in the organization’s evolution. She has a wealth of government relations experience as well as advocacy experience in influencing change in a variety of National sports organizations and multi-discipline environments. Jasmine is a strong communicator, is passionate about leadership development and brings with her the business skills and strategic leadership to excel as the Executive Director of the Shooting Federation of Canada.”

    The Shooting Federation of Canada looks forward to welcoming Jasmine to the new role of Executive Director on March 21st, 2023 – welcome Jasmine!


    About the SFC

    The Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) is the National Sport Organization and the national sport governing body responsible for the promotion, development and governance of organized, recreational, and competitive target shooting in and for Canada.  We offer programs for recreational and high-performance shooters. We also provide professional development for coaches and officials. Regardless of the discipline, age, gender or ability of the individual, there is a place for everyone in our sport.

    For More Information:

    Shooting Federation of Canada

    Phone: (613) 727-7483


    Link to Press Release

  • 7 Feb 2023 6:00 AM | Kindbom (Administrator)


    Today at Noon (ET)

    - UPDATE-

  • 3 Feb 2023 4:30 PM | Kindbom (Administrator)

    New Online Course

    Become an Instructor Beginner Coach 

    Register here: https://sfc-ftc.ca/event-5158370

    Times: March 4th, 2023 9 am - 4 pm and March 5th 2023 9 am -3 pm 9 (Pacific Time)

    Additional information:

    This online workshop is tailored for coaches of athletes who wish to equip themselves with fundamental shooting coaching knowledge. The workshop focuses on planning, safety, basic teaching and learning theory, as well as preparing coaches to analyze shooting skills. Future coaches can choose between pistol, rifle or shotgun events. Trainees have to complete exercises and read some part of their manual between sessions. 1 in-person session of 3h00 with a facilitator from the same province for the final evaluation. (There will be a $75 fee for evaluation).

    More about more coaching pathways here


    Ce cours sera offert en ligne en anglais.

    Le matériel de cours et la connexion sont disponibles sur le site Web de FTC dans la liste déroulante [MEMBRES][LE COIN DES ENTRAINEURS]

    • 100 $ ou le cours et le manuel

    • L'adhésion à SFC est requise

    • Un supplément de 50 $ si le stagiaire souhaite inclure une discipline supplémentaire

    En savoir plus sur d'autres parcours de coaching ici

  • 1 Feb 2023 9:00 AM | Kindbom (Administrator)

    SFC President "Shooting for Gold"

    She Shoots PODCAST (from Ladyguns)

    Link to Episode will be found here

  • 1 Feb 2023 8:34 AM | Anonymous

    With the adoption of the new Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) bylaws the SFC is introducing two new councils.

    The Discipline Council will be made up of discipline specific (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun) experts collaborate with the SFC to put on key events such as National Championships and the Canadian Junior National Championships. The terms of reference can be found here.

    The Provincial/Territorial Shooting Sport Organization (PTSO) Council will be made up of representatives from Canada's provinces and territories to ensure representation across all of Canada. The terms of reference can be found here.

    Both documents are draft documents and the SFC encourages those with thoughts on the documents to email admin@sfc-ftc.ca with suggestions.

  • 24 Jan 2023 1:50 PM | Anonymous

    The Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) is hiring a summer student through the Ontario Summer Experience program. The student will be working as the SFC's Try It Days Coordinator tasked with developing a pilot program that will increase awareness and access to the shooting sports.

    Full job description can be found here

    Location is flexible and position can be done from home but the successful applicant must be within Ontario with travel required.

    Position will run May 15-Aug 18

    Wage will be between $16-18 dependent on qualifications

    Email resumes to Susan Verdier (sverdier@sfc-ftc.ca). Interviews will be conducted in late February-early March and position will remain open until successfully filled.

  • 17 Jan 2023 10:05 AM | Kindbom (Administrator)

    Exemptions permitting only elite-level athletes to purchase and possess target shooting firearms could spell the end of the sport across the country

    Read complete story below:


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