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Canadian Junior National Air Gun Championships

JUST IN - Results for the 2024 Championships Available here

See you in 2025 in Saskatoon!



Relays were filled based on request and first come first served basis. 

Prior to registering with the SFC, competitors were encouraged to contact event organisers to arrange relays and to check availability (See contact details for each participating province below).

2023 Registration now Closed


*All individuals that register by Mar 09 will be able to be put on a team by their province. The province will have until Mar 18 to submit team names. Individuals who register by Mar 18 can shoot the individual match. Payment of fees is necessary for registration to be valid.

Competitors requested a 1st and 2nd choice and organizers will do their best to accommodate.

Competitors were requested to arrive 30 minutes ahead of their scheduled relay to allow time to check in.

Athlete eligibility and age classifications:

International Junior - under 21 years old on December 31st of the year of the competition
Canadian Junior - under 16 years old on December 31st of the year of the competition.

Course of Fire:  The CNJC will consist of one ISSF course of fire in air rifle or air pistol (60 shots) completed in a time of 75 minutes.  Prior to the first competition shot, there will be 15 minutes of sighting-in time. Shooters will be called to line 10 minutes prior to the start of "Sighting Time". 

The match will follow the ISSF rules and some matches might be conduced on electronic targets. There will be a random equipment check, post event.  

NOTE: Participants with a "Daisy Rifle" or "pump-action air rifle" may participate in a distinct category.

This year, the Championships are not QSDR Eligible.