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Canadian Junior National Air Gun Championships - March 23-26, 2023

In 2023 these Championships will be held in Truro, Nova Scotia

In 2022, this competition was held in each Province and Territory on Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 22. Please see the 2022 results here.


  • one 60 shot match for individual scores, time 75 minutes
  • one 30 shot match for mixed team scores , time 30 minutes
  • Appropriate set up and sighting time to be given
  • Mixed teams must consist of 1 male and 1 female shooter of the same discipline. You may enter more than 1 team in each discipline
  • Should shooters who are not on a team wish to shoot a 2nd relay they shall be allowed to do so provided that there is sufficient time and space. These scores will not be used by SFC.
  • A reminder that each venue holding matches shall have a Provincial and a Club official present. National officials not necessary but will be accepted. These names shall be provided to the SFC well in advance.
  • Competition adheres to standard ISSF Rules (eg match procedures and equipment)
  • Teams must be nominated beforehand
  • Decimal scoring is required for rifle.
  • Contact your Provincial and Territorial Shooting organization for their program.

If you wish to volunteer or have any questions or comments, please email: operations@sfc-ftc.ca

Here were some of the locations:


Richmond Rod and Gun Club

7400 River Road, Richmond. BC.

Julie Bryson

BCTSA Rifle director, Coach

RRGC Air Range director, Coach

Local: Richmond Rod and Gun Club

7400 River Road, Richmond. BC

Air range director. Julie Bryson

Official. Provincial. Julie Bryson.

Scorekeeping & Stat Tracey Reid

Scorekeeper. Jeevan Sidhu

Individual air gun: Relay 1.

Call to the line 9:00 am

Preparation & Sighting. 9:15 am

Match Starts. 9:30 am

Match End 11:00 am

Relay. 2.

Call to the line 11:15am

Preparation & Sighting. 11:30am

Match Starts. 11:45 am

Match End. 1:15 pm

Break. 15 min

Mixed Relay #1.

Call to the line. 1:30 pm

Preparation & Sighting. 1:45pm

Match Starts 2:00pm


1.  Kitchener

Sat and Sun. 20 & 21

2.  Ottawa

Sun only 21 st.

3.  Cookstown

Sun Only 21st.

AB:  Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club, 1910 39 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7Y9

MBMPRA Shooting Sport Performance Center at 920 Nairn Ave. in Winnipeg

QC: Club de tir sportif de la Mauricie (Trois-Rivières) & Club de tir Castors de Charlesbourg (Ville de Québec)

Remote Championships

Set of Remote matches in all provinces & territory (in even years).

All juniors athletes can participate.

More than one location can be used by each PTSO.

In-person Championships

One live, in-person Championships in a selected province or territory (in odd years).

The location will vary at each edition according to a principle of alternation.

Each province and territory will have to select its best junior athletes to form its team.

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