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Safe Sport

As the National Sport Organization (NSO) for shooting in Canada, the SFC is committed to promoting a safe and welcoming sport environment in which everyone is treated with respect and fairness and inclusion. The SFC believes that you, as athlete, coach, official or volunteer, have the right to safely practice the sport of shooting. The SFC, through a variety of initiatives, has developed programs and resources to help in your enjoyment of the various disciplines and events.


The Shooting Federation of Canada is adopting the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS).

This means that participants (competitors, volunteers, coaches, parents, officials etc.) involved SFC sponsored events should have the reasonable expectation that the event will be in an environment that is free from all forms of maltreatment and that treats every individual with dignity and respect. Maltreatment in all its forms is a serious issue that undermines the health, well-being, performance and security of individuals, communities, and society. The SFC will be updating its policies to align with the new version of the code shortly; however, expectations are that all participants and leaders will abide by this version of the code immediately.

Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC)

SFC is working towards becoming a signatory to the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner.

This will replace our current independent third-party investigator in matters pertaining to the UCCMS but we may need to continue with the third-party service for issues that participants have outside of issues of maltreatment.  The OSIC is an independent safe sport mechanism created to implement the UCCMS at the national level. OSIC is responsible to administer the UCCMS using trauma-informed processes that are compassionate, efficient and provide fairness, respect and equity to all parties involved.  As a sport governing body, SFC needs to determine its scope of influence (National vs provincial and club level responsibilities for safe sport) as it takes on this new process. We have a very safe sport. However, if you have a concern of maltreatment, or unethical behavior connected with the SFC governed shooting sports that you think should be addressed, please do not hesitate to contact Sue Verdier (sverdier@sfc-ftc.ca) or the OSIC directly and one of these will help direct you to the pathway to ensure the issues are heard and appropriately dealt with. 

Both the UCCMS and the OSIC programs will likely soon affect your provincial and territorial sport organizations and your clubs. Please be informed of their significance.

Respect in Sport eLearning Module

In collaboration with Respect in Sport Group, the SFC is proud to offer the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders eLearning module to our membership. The focus of this training is on the importance of acting as role models in a sports leadership area, building a positive sports environment, and educating in the areas of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The following training will be eligible for professional development (PD) points that registered coaches are able to use to build towards their coaching certification. If you're interested in collecting PD points from this training please be sure to click "allow" in the section relating to the transfer of data to the NCCP Locker.

Respect in sport

SFC Independent Third Party

The SFC has partnered with an Independent Third Party Officer who is prepared to handle conflict resolution and member complaints, contacted directly by:

Canadian Sport Helpline

The Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) has implemented the confidential, toll-free, Canadian Sport Helpline for any victims or witnesses of harassment, discrimination, or abuse in sport. The number can be accessed via call or text and will provide you resources, advice and assistance for your situation.


Concussions and the Shooting Sports

Although the risk of suffering a concussion in the practice of the shooting sports is very low, the Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) recognizes the severity of short and long-term consequences for those sustaining a concussion and the importance of concussion prevention. The Shooting Federation of Canada has developed the SFC’s Concussion Protocol to help guide the management of athletes who may have a suspected concussion while participating in target shooting sport activities.

Mental Health Strategy

The Shooting Federation of Canada has developed the SFC’s Mental Health Strategy in partnership with Sport Pyschologist Susan Cockle.

    This Mental Health - Crisis Response Action Plan, and accompanying Managing Mental Health Slide Presentation will serve as resources for all SFC members; athletes, coaches, integrated support team, officials, and administrators.
The purpose is to;
  • Effectively manage mental health emergencies, crises and response to disasters.
  • Create a culture of mental health awareness, acceptance and support within SFC.
  • Maximize overall mental health and wellbeing, as well as mental performance, within our sport.

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