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Rules, Regulations and Ethics

Safety is the top priority in target shooting. It is everyone's responsibility. The shooting sports also have particular rules for each event and discipline. Every shooter has a responsibility to be fully informed of all current rules and regulations. The following few are only listed, for quick reference. There are many more. The ISSF governs the competitive rules of all Olympic shooting

    Please refer to the RCMP for the most authoritative and up-to-date rules pertaining to the ownership, storage and transportation of firearms in Canada.

    In addition to the above, any member of the SFC is required to comply, at all times, with the Shooting Federation of Canada’s bylaws, policies, procedures, and rules and regulations, as adopted and amended from time to time. Members pledge to ensure adherence to the rules of the sport and the spirit of those rules. 


      * Please note the current ATT rule (Bill C-71) allowing transportation only:

      • To an approved shooting range;
      • To transport after the acquisition of a firearm
      For all other ATT purposes, please contact your provincial Chief Firearms Office
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