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Recreational Target Shooting (RTS) Program

This program introduces sport shooters to competitive target shooting in disciplines that are on the programme of the International Olympic Committee or the International Paralympic Committee.  Its mission is to help sport shooters train and compete. With clear, straightforward rules, shooters take aim at defined goals. Results are tracked and improvements rewarded.  This program seeks to be fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive. Success is achieved progressively as sport shooters advance through the levels. And as skills get honed, greater enjoyment is unlocked. The RTS program is guided by the values Excellence, Integrity, Accessibility, Fair play, Respect and the spirit of Sportsmanship.

Sport target shooters are encouraged to try the following disciplines that are on the programme of the International Olympic Committee or International Paralympic Committee:

  • Air Rifle or Pistol
  • Centerfire Rifle or Pistol
  • Smallbore Rifle or Pistol
  • Shotgun

See Program Guide here.

Complete ISSF Rules here.


See here for program details and flyers. 

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Who can join?

This program is for anyone. Any individual or club.

  • While it is user-friendly for those just starting, the thrill of advancement will not be lost on even the most advanced shooters.
  • An SFC membership is not required, however members do benefit with discounted prices.
  • You can shoot on any indoor or outdoor range, or for air events - any location that has a safe backstop or appropriate bullet trap.
  • What’s new?

    • The SFC RTS Level Tracker displays regional, provincial and national rankings.
    • Participants can quickly check their results and confirm their current level.
    • The RTS Level Tracker also allows you to view other participants' scores and levels.
    • It is especially helpful for Program Directors, since it automatically tracks the current level for all the participants in their club.
    • To make the program available to as many shooters as possible, the RTS program has been tailored to accommodate Air Rifle, Air Pistol and Shotgun.

    How does it work?

    Start small and involve others

    • Get two or more people together and form your own RTS chapter
    • Elect one member to act as the Program Director. They will be the liason between your club and the SFC.
    • The Program Director fills-in and submits the Club Registration Form (the club Registration Form can be printed and mailed directly to SFC).
    • After the registration form has been recieved, access to the RTS Level Tracker sheet will be granted to the Program Director.
    • It is Program Director's responsibility to enter new participants and enter results into the RTS Level Tracker.
    • It is important that the Program Director orders SFC approved targets and chooses the correct disipline and levels from the Online Store to receive the badges.
    • Your badges will be sent out after payment has been cleared.
    • Please review the RTS Program Rules and adhere to the regulations.
    • The Club Program Director will regularly update the RTS Level Tracker spreadsheet and award the badge levels to the participants as they advance.
    • We suggest that each Program Director schedules regular meetings (virtual or "in person") with all participants of their club.
    • If don't belong to a club or haven't yet found others who share your shooting enthusiasm, you can always act as your own Program Director, and follow the appropriate steps.
    • The SFC values integrity, fair play and good sportmanship.
    • The SFC has confidence that participants will honor the rules and show courtesy, respect and fairness towards their competitors and the sport of shooting.
    • Remember to always shoot safely and have fun!

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