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Recreational Target Shooting Program

The objective of this program is to promote the acquisition and development of target shooting skills. It allows each shooter to set simple goals and achieve them while respecting personal rhythm. This program is intended to be participatory. This program is available to all shooters who are using either :

  • Air Rifle or Pistol
  • Centerfire Rifle or Pistol
  • Smallbore Rifle or Pistol


Who can participate

This program is for any individual and/or club just getting into target shooting and an SFC membership is not required, however, members can participate for free. You can shoot on any indoor or outdoor range, or in any safe location that has an appropriate backstop or bullet trap.

What’s new for 2020?

  • The Shooting Federation of Canada has developed a Leaderboard for Pistol and another one for Rifle to inform participants and publish the various regional, provincial and national rankings. Participants can use these tables to see the levels achieved by participants and their results. Through the Leaderboard sheets, you will have access to view other participants' levels and scores.
  • One of the biggest changes is the addition of Air Rifle and Air Pistol into the program! To make the program available to as many shooters as possible, we believed it was important to extend the RTS program out to airgun disciplines as well.
  • Each shooter looking to participate will pay a $3 fee. The $3 fee will be waived if the participant is currently a member in good standing of the Shooting Federation of Canada. SFC Member number must be provided at the time of registration for all participants.

How does the program work?

It's always more fun to shoot with friends!

  • Get together two or more people and form your own RTS club
  • Elect one member of your club as Program Director. They will act as the contact between your club and the SFC.
  • The Club Program Director fills in the Club Registration and Order Form (bottom of page) and sends it along with a cheque or money order in the correct amount, payable to the "Shooting Federation of Canada." (club Registration and Order Form can also be scanned and emailed to programCoord@sfc-ftc.ca, and payment may also be made via PayPal to info@sfc-ftc.ca
  • After receiving a completed registration form and fees, a Club Certificate will be sent out with a target order form and crest claim sheets.
  • Shoot safely and have fun! Be sure to follow the RTS program rules and regulations.
  • Have your Program Director return the completed crest claim sheets to the SFC. Your crests will be sent out within three weeks.
  • The Club Program Director will update the appropriate Leaderboard spreadsheet monthly to update the RTS Leaderboard
  • If you aren't a member of a club or haven't found others who share your shooting interest, don't worry! Act as your own Program Director, and follow steps three through six. The SFC believes in honor between participants.

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