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How much does it cost?

   2022-2023 Rates

          • $500 ($400 + $100 Affiliation)

What is d&O Insurance?

A Directors & Officers policy for Not-for-profit organizations affords protection to the members of its board of directors and the executives for allegations of wrongdoing in the management and administration of the organization.  The policy both covers defense costs as well as indemnity required by a judgement of the law.

What Does D&O Cover?

D&O coverage is defined under 3 insuring agreements:

1. Agreement A and B - Personal Insurance

Protects Directors and Officers along with members of the various management committees, employees, members and volunteers from claims made against them alleging negligent acts, errors, omissions, misstatements, misleading statements, neglect or breach of duty committed in the discharge of their legal obligations in their capacity as insured persons. Insuring Agreement A will defend the insured persons directly in the event the organization is unable to provide indemnification while Insuring Agreement B will reimburse the Organization as it indemnifies its insured persons in a D&O lawsuit.

Item 1 above also affords the following additional coverage:

a. Wrongful employment practices coverage:

Claims made in connection to allegations of wrongful dismissal, breach of an employment contract, employment related discrimination and harassment, failure to hire or promote, wrongful discipline or demotion, negligent evaluation, etc

b. Wrongful membership practices coverage

Claims made in connection to allegations of wrongful denial of admission or status as member, wrongful termination of status as a member, breach of a membership status contracts, misrepresentation, discrimination or harassment relating to membership status, libel or slander relating to capacity as a member, etc.

2. Agreement D - Fiduciary Insurance

Protects insured persons and Benefits Programs named on the policy (eg: employee benefits plans, Government-sponsored benefits plan) for claims made against them in connection to the administration of such benefits program or any allegations of negligent acts, errors, omissions, misstatements, misleading statements, neglect or breach of duty imposed by statute relative to the fiduciary duty of a benefits program

3. Agreement E - Derivative demand and crisis costs coverage

Provides investigation costs coverage to insured persons in the event of a derivative action claim against such insured persons, as well as reasonable and necessary crisis costs incurred by the entity in the event of a claim. Crisis costs include services provided by a public relations firm, crisis management firm or law firm to reduce damage to reputation suffered by the organization or the insured persons arising out of information publicly accessible by third parties via the media.

What is the claim Limit of insurance?

$2,000,000 per claim. $3,000,000 annual aggregate.

What is the deductible?


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