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How much does it cost?

 0-25 Members

 26-50 Members 51+ Members

 2024-2025 Rates

 $400 + $100 Affiliation + $15 per member + tax

 2024-2025 Rates 

 $500 + $100 Affiliation + $15 per member   + tax

 2024-2025 Rates 

 $600 + $100 Affiliation + $15 per member   + tax

DoES My Club Need GEneraL Liability Insurance?

Yes. To operate a shooting club or range in Canada you by law must have General Liability insurance that will cover your club in the event of accidents. The Shooting Federation of Canada offers this insurance at competitive rates with many benefits.

Why Choose the SFC's General Liability?

The highlights of the Shooting Federation of Canada's insurance program are as follows:

          • The SFC's policy is a primary policy and will pay before any personal coverage
          • Cross liability is included (as if a policy is issued for each party/member)
          • No annual aggregate or limit, the $5,000,000 amount listed below is per claim
          • Worldwide coverage

What Is Covered?

The Commercial General Liability policy protects against any third party legal loss or suit brought against you from a third party. 

Common losses are property damage and/or body injury to a third party.

This policy includes the liability that arises the insured activities, notably training/teaching of parties for international competitions, recreational shooting, national and local competitions and education of firearms.

Premises liability for insured clubs and shooting ranges is also included.

Note that this policy does not include property insurance (fires, break ins, etc), and the Shooting Federation of Canada does not offer property insurance.

Who is Covered?

The policy protects the Shooting Federation of Canada, all its individual members, its affiliated clubs, and all its members.

The coverage includes the Cross Liability; each means that each member/club is considered to be an insured entity as if a separate policy had been issued separately.

All coaches and guests are covered, while acting under the club's supervision or in a club's name. For coaches, this is regardless of their training. All club staff are covered, with no limitation.

Where are you covered?

Canadian clubs and members are insured anywhere in the world for any temporary activities or competition.

What is the claim limit of insurance and deductible?

$5,000,000 limit per claim. Minimum deductible of $1,000.

Does this cover covid?

The Shooting Federation of Canada's General Liability policy no longer covers COVID related claims.

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